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  • Gemstone Intention Bracelet – Calm

    XS - 6in - 15.2cm
    S - 6 1/2in - 16.5cm
    M - 7in - 17.8cm
    L - 7 1/2in - 19cm
    XL - 7 3/4in - 19.7cm
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a Gemstone?

If you’re feeling uncertain about how to choose a gemstone, consider asking yourself the following questions to help in narrowing down your focus:

When you search for semi-precious gemstone jewelry based on your colour preference, it's often a personal choice rooted in expressing your style and emotions. Choosing gemstones based on colour allows you to create a personalized and meaningful collection of jewelry that reflects your unique taste and adds a touch of symbolic significance to your adornments. Click on the piece you're visually seduced by to see if its gemstone meaning resonates with might be surprised!

When you search for semi-precious gemstone jewelry based on their meanings, it's because you appreciate the symbolic significance each stone holds. Whether drawn to healing energies or specific attributes, your choice reflects a desire for a deeper, more personal connection with your jewelry, aligning with your values and intentions. (BTW, ALL semi-precious gemstones have positive metaphysical properties and meanings and serve only to help you.)

Searching for your birthstone is a quest rooted in the desire for personal connection and meaning. It symbolizes good luck, protection, and unique ties to your birth month, reflecting cultural and historical significance. Exploring your birthstone often serves as a reminder of your personal growth and cherished memories, making it a meaningful and distinctive choice for jewelry.

Searching for your zodiac sign is driven by a quest for self-discovery and personal growth, often fueled by an interest in astrological insights and relationship dynamics. Additionally, the attraction to zodiac-themed jewelry stems from a desire to express and carry the unique qualities associated with your sign, turning the exploration of astrological connections into a treasured keepsake.

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I started One Zero Eight to destress from a demanding retail job. For me, designing jewelry and stringing gemstone beads is deeply cathartic, especially at 11 pm with Black Onyx. I love helping people find their perfect piece, I even offer customization for a personal connection.

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