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As the crisp air of November settles in and the leaves turn to shades of gold (In the Northern Hemisphere), it’s the perfect time to celebrate the vibrant beauty of Citrine, the semi-precious birthstone for this month. This radiant yellow gemstone, associated with positive energy and prosperity, has a rich history and fascinating properties. Whether you’re a November baby or simply a gemstone enthusiast, you’ll find that Citrine’s sunny hue and vibrant energy are truly enchanting.

From the ancient Greeks and Romans to modern times, Citrine has always been popular. Its name comes from the French word “citron,” meaning lemon, describing its bright, cheerful colour. Citrine, a yellow variety of Quartz, covers the colour spectrum from pale yellow to deep golden brown, symbolising the power of the sun and bringing a touch of sunshine to even the gloomiest days.

Known as the “merchant’s stone” or “success stone,” The Citrine gemstone was believed to bring prosperity and abundance. Today, Citrine continues to be cherished for its beauty and durability, making it a lovely choice for everyday wear. Whether set in elegant jewelry or used in decorative items, Citrine remains a timeless favourite.

Stay tuned as I uncover the mystical magic of Citrine, perfect for those celebrating November birthdays and anyone seeking a touch of sunshine in their life. We will explore its history, significance, physical properties, and the myriad ways it can strengthen your well-being and boost the positive energy in your life.

FUN FACT: Citrine is the official semi-precious birthstone for November and is most beneficial to those born under the Scorpio Star Sign ( Oct 24 – Nov 22). But it is also relevant to the Aries, Libra and Leo Star Signs. 

It is the traditional semi-precious gemstone gift for someone who is celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary.

The History & Significance of Citrine

Citrine has a rich and deep history that dates back to ancient times. The Ancient Greeks and Ancient Romans were among the first to appreciate the beauty of Citrine, often using it in their jewelry and decorative arts. They believed this vibrant yellow stone could harness the power of the sun, bringing warmth and vitality to those who wore it. (The ancient Greeks used Citrine to carve delicate ornaments and talismans and the Romans made intricate Citrine rings for their priests). 

The Ancient Egyptians also held Citrine in high regard, using it as a talisman to protect against evil thoughts and attract good fortune. 

Coincidently, the ancient Romans and Greeks strongly believed that Citrine had the power to ward off evil thoughts and protect against snake venom. (!! Facepalm!!)

Due to its similar yellow colour, Citrine was often mistaken for Topaz, another November birthstone. However, Citrine is a unique variety of Quartz that stands out for its distinct golden hues.

Artifacts have been found that show that during the 17th century, Citrine became popular in Scotland. Scottish men bore swords and daggers that featured Citrine in the handles because Citrine was believed to bring prosperity and good luck. Archeologists have even discovered a sword whose handle was made completely out of Citrine.

Citrine’s name stems from the French word “citron,” meaning lemon, which perfectly describes its bright, cheerful colour. Throughout history, this gemstone has been associated with positive energy, abundance, and prosperity. Known as the “merchant’s stone” or “success stone,” Citrine was believed to bring wealth and success to those who kept it close, making it a popular choice among traders and businesspeople.

In modern times, Citrine continues to be cherished for its stunning appearance and its purported ability to bring joy and positivity. It is often used in Citrine birthstone jewelry, making it a favourite choice for November birthdays. The gemstone’s warm colours and vibrant energy symbolise the power of the sun, making it a perfect stone to lift the spirits and bring a touch of sunshine into everyday life.

Stick around as we dig deeper into the physical properties of Citrine and uncover the secrets behind this captivating gemstone.

The Physical Properties of Citrine

Let’s dive into what makes Citrine so special, starting with its physical properties. Citrine is part of the Quartz family, known for its beautiful golden-yellow hue. This vibrant colour comes from traces of iron within its crystal structure. Interestingly, natural Citrine is relatively rare. Most of the Citrine you see today is actually heat-treated Amethyst or Smoky Quartz, transformed to enhance that gorgeous yellow colour we all love.

Citrine scores a 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it pretty tough and perfect for everyday wear. Whether you’re sporting a Citrine ring, bracelet, earrings, or a pendant, you can count on it to stand up to daily activities. Just remember, even though it can handle high temperatures, it’s always good to treat your gems with a bit of care to keep them looking their best.

One of the coolest things about Citrine is its range of colours. It can be anything from a soft, pale yellow to a rich, golden brown and sometimes even has a hint of orange. This variety means there’s a Citrine out there for everyone, no matter your style. And if you love larger stones, you’re in luck—they often have the most intense and striking colours.

When it comes to clarity, Citrine usually has very few visible inclusions, giving it a clear and vibrant look. Its transparency and brilliant lustre make it a favourite for jewelers and collectors. Whether you’re drawn to the subtlety of pale yellow Citrine or the boldness of Madeira Citrine, there’s no denying this gemstone’s appeal.

Up next, we’ll explore the meaning and healing properties of Citrine. Hang around to find out why this gem is more than just a pretty stone.

The Meaning & Healing Properties of Citrine

Now, let’s explore the deeper meanings and healing properties of Citrine. This gemstone is often called the “stone of prosperity” or “merchant’s stone” because of its reputation for attracting wealth and success. It’s no wonder that many people keep a piece of Citrine in their wallet or cash register to invite financial abundance.

Citrine is also known for its ability to radiate positive energy, making it a fantastic stone for those looking to bring a little extra sunshine into their lives. It’s believed to enhance creativity, boost self-confidence and promote a positive outlook on life. Picture starting your day with the vibrant energy of Citrine by your side—it’s like having a little piece of the sun with you at all times.

In terms of emotional healing, Citrine is said to help dispel negative emotions like fear and anger, replacing them with joy and optimism. This makes it an excellent stone for anyone concerned with stress or seeking to improve their mental well-being. Its warm, golden colour is thought to uplift the spirit and provide a sense of calm and clarity.

Physically, Citrine is believed to support the endocrine system and aid in digestion, making it a popular choice for holistic health practices. Some even use it to enhance physical stamina and energy, helping them feel more vibrant and alive. Whether you carry a small Citrine stone or wear it as a piece of jewelry, its healing properties can be an amazing addition to your daily routine.

Citrine’s connection to the solar plexus chakra is another reason why it’s considered so powerful. This chakra is all about personal power, confidence, and manifestation. By balancing this chakra, Citrine helps you harness your inner strength and turn your dreams into reality.

You will feel light, happy and encouraged when using this stone.

As we continue, we’ll look at the various ways Citrine is used, from stunning jewelry to decorative pieces and beyond. Discover how you can incorporate this beautiful gemstone into your life!

How Citrine is Used

Citrine’s versatility makes it a beloved choice for a wide range of uses. Let’s explore how this stunning gemstone can be incorporated into various aspects of our lives.

One of the most popular ways to enjoy Citrine is through jewelry. Citrine jewelry comes in many forms, from elegant rings and dazzling earrings to beautiful necklaces and bracelets. Its durability, thanks to a Mohs hardness rating of 7, makes it perfect for everyday wear, and its vibrant colours can complement any outfit. Whether you prefer a simple, classic, understated piece or something bold and eye-catching, Citrine offers a variety of options to suit your style.

Citrine is available in a range of sizes, including large sizes, from small stones to substantial pieces. It is often found in bigger sizes compared to some other gemstones, making it a popular choice for both intricate jewelry designs and larger decorative pieces. This variety in size allows for versatility in how Citrine can be used, whether in elegant rings or as striking centerpieces in home decor.

Beyond personal adornment, Citrine is also used in home decor. Many people place Citrine stones or clusters in their living spaces to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Citrine’s golden glow can brighten up any room and you’ll often find it being used in feng shui to attract wealth and positive energy. Imagine a beautiful Citrine cluster on your desk or a sparkling Citrine geode in your living room—it’s like bringing a bit of sunshine indoors.

Citrine is also a favourite among crystal healers and practitioners of alternative medicine. Its association with the solar plexus chakra makes it a forceful tool for meditation and energy work. By placing Citrine on the solar plexus during meditation, you can help balance this chakra and enhance your personal power and confidence. Many believe that Citrine’s energy can help manifest goals and attract success, making it a popular choice for those focused on personal development.

For those who love DIY projects, Citrine can be a fun and creative addition. Whether you’re a DIY home jeweler crafting your pieces or someone who enjoys making decorative items, Citrine’s vibrant colour and energy can add a special touch to your creations. Plus, its relative affordability compared to other gemstones makes it accessible for various projects.

Citrine is found in various locations around the world, including Brazil, which is the largest producer, as well as Russia’s Ural Mountains, Madagascar, Spain and the United States. This widespread availability adds to its popularity and ensures that it can be sourced in a variety of sizes and qualities.

In addition to these uses, Citrine is often incorporated into crystal grids, especially the Spiral and Flower of Life designs, to amplify intentions for prosperity and success. Citrine’s connection to positive energy and abundance makes it a popular choice for these spiritual practices. (This is actually my own crystal grid board, featuring Citrine!)

Some of Citrine’s Health Benefits Include…

(FYI, this is in no way intended to replace medication &/or the care of a licensed healthcare professional)

  • Relieves constipation
  • Regulates your digestive & endocrine systems
  • Supports your kidneys & thyroid glands
  • Enhances your blood circulation
  • Helps the immune system

5 Interesting Facts about Citrine…

  1. The ancient Chinese thought that if you wore Citrine, it would bring you immense luck.
  2. Citrine was originally called Yellow Quartz. 
  3. Authentic Citrine is very hard to scratch but also very brittle.
  4. The largest recorded Citrine stone weighs 15.9oz and is 2258 carats.
  5. Joan Crawford and Greta Garbo both favoured Citrine jewelry.

Where to Buy Citrine Jewelry

Citrine jewelry is widely available at jewelry stores and online retailers. It can come in a variety of styles and price points, from simple stud earrings to elaborate necklaces and bracelets.

Here’s a quick link to the One Zero Eight Shop for these breathtaking pieces…Simple Citrine EarringsDeluxe Citrine EarringsCitrine Bracelet

You can also buy Citrine jewelry from local artisans at craft fairs and such, but you’ll have to be on the lookout for fake Citrine.

How to Identify Imitation Citrine

Citrine is a popular gemstone that is believed to have a wide range of benefits such as bringing prosperity, wealth, and positivity to the wearer. 

However, it is also a stone that is often imitated or misrepresented. So, how can you tell if your Citrine beads/jewelry is real?

Firstly, Let me just say right up front that natural Citrine is rare and often found in a pale yellow or smoky brown colour. The chances of you being able to buy authentic Citrine from any store (Online or shopfront) are VERY slim. 

If you come across some Citrine that is bright yellow or orange, it is most likely heat-treated Amethyst or another type of quartz. (Don’t be disheartened, it’s ok…most of the Citrine sold today IS heat-treated Amethyst.)

Real Citrine will have a natural colour gradient, meaning it will have different shades of yellow or brown throughout the stone. If the stone has a uniform colour throughout, it may be an imitation.

If you choose to, you can perform a simple scratch test to determine if your Citrine is real. On the Moh’s scale, Citrine has a hardness ranking of 7, which means it should be able to scratch glass. If you scratch a piece of glass with the Citrine and it leaves a mark, it is likely authentic.

(PLEASE reconsider doing this test as you will probably get arrested for doing it. It is used more as an example of how to authenticate the stone.)

Lastly, it is always best to purchase Citrine from a reputable and trusted source. A certified gemologist can also help you determine if your Citrine is real or not.

Look for tell-tale signs of imitation Citrine

1. Bubbles or streaks in your Citrine 

2. Colour Banding

3. Look for inclusions on the stone’s surface, imitation Citrine will appear perfect.

How to Care for Citrine Jewelry

Gemstone jewelry should be handled like any other treasured piece of jewelry.

Basically, to ensure your Citrine bracelet lasts for years, keep it clean, store it properly, avoid exposure to harmful chemicals, protect it from extreme temperatures and keep it charged with positivity. For a deeper look into making your gemstone feel loved, read The 5 Best Ways to Take Care of Your Gemstone Bracelets & The Essential Guide to Cleansing Your Gemstone Bracelet.

Frequently Asked Questions about Citrine

Q: What is Citrine?

A: Citrine is a yellow to light orange variety of the mineral quartz. It is named after the French word for lemon, “citron,” because of its lemon-yellow color.

Q: Where is Citrine found?

A: Citrine is found in many parts of the world, including Brazil, Russia, Madagascar, Spain, and the United States. Brazilian Citrine is particularly prized for its deep golden color.

Q: What are the metaphysical properties of Citrine?

A: Citrine is believed to be a stone of abundance and manifestation. It is said to help attract wealth, success, and prosperity, as well as impart confidence and self-esteem. Citrine is also thought to have healing properties, particularly for the digestive and immune systems.

Q: How is Citrine used in jewelry?

A: Citrine is a popular gemstone for use in jewelry, particularly for its warm, sunny color. Citrine is also used in beads, pendants, and other decorative items.

Q: Can Citrine be treated or enhanced?

A: Yes, Citrine is often heat-treated to enhance its color. Natural Citrine is rare and usually pale in color, so heat treatment is used to transform Amethyst or Smoky Quartz into the golden hues of Citrine. It is important to note that not all Citrine on the market is natural, and some may be treated or even synthetic.

Q: Where can I buy Citrine beads?

A: You have several choices on where to buy Citrine; be it beads, jewelry or home décor. You can shop online (I use Pandahall.com, LBeads.com, ibeadcanada.com and when I’m in a hurry, Amazon) or a specialty gemstone store. 

As we’ve journeyed through the world of Citrine, it’s easy to see why this beautiful gemstone holds a special place as November’s birthstone. With its radiant golden yellow hues and warm energy, Citrine is more than just a stunning stone; it’s a symbol of joy, prosperity and positivity.

From its rich history with ancient civilisations like the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians to its modern-day appeal, Citrine continues to captivate gemstone lovers everywhere. This yellow variety of Quartz is renowned for its robustness, making it ideal for everyday wear. With a spectrum of colours ranging from soft pale yellow to deep brownish orange, Citrine offers options for everyone, whether you’re drawn to understated elegance or bold statements.

Citrine’s versatility is another reason it’s so beloved. It’s not just great for jewelry; you can use it for home decor, crystal healing, and even DIY projects. Citrine is connected energetically to the solar plexus chakra, which can help boost your self-confidence and inner strength. Plus, it’s often called the “merchant’s stone” because of its reputation for attracting wealth and success.

Whether you’re a November baby looking for your birthstone, a fan of beautiful gemstones, or someone seeking the positive vibes Citrine brings, this gemstone is a timeless addition to any collection. Its stunning colours and rich history make Citrine not just a stone, but a piece of sunshine you can carry with you.

Embrace the magic of Citrine and let its golden glow brighten your life. From jewelry to home decor, this popular gemstone continues to shine as a favourite for anyone who appreciates its beauty and powerful properties.

​As you welcome Citrine into your life, you open the door to rejuvenation and soul cleansing. Trusting in its authenticity becomes a step toward unlocking the transformative potential that lies within. Citrine becomes more than a gem; it’s a companion, a source of empowerment, and a beacon of vibrant energy that resonates through the facets of your being, reminding you that, in its subtle simplicity, lies a gem of extraordinary strength and radiance.

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