• Rose Quartz, Pink Zebra Jasper & Grey Lava Stone Bracelet Set

    XS - 6in - 15.2cm
    S - 6 1/2in - 16.5cm
    M - 7in - 17.8cm
    L - 7 1/2in - 19cm
    XL - 7 3/4in - 19.7cm
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    Elevate your style with our exquisite genuine semi-precious gemstone bracelet, meticulously handmade in Alberta, Canada. This stunning bracelet adds a touch of Oh La La! and colour to your outfit and carries unique meanings and healing properties to promote balance and well-being. Wear it singularly or as part of a set—there are no rules because you’re in charge!
    This set features Rose Quartz, the Stone of Love, radiating vibrations of unconditional love, joy, warmth, and emotional healing. Whether embracing self-love, partner love, family love, community love, or Universal love, Rose Quartz transforms you into a magnet for love, radiating it outward. Pink Zebra Jasper, a calming and soothing stone, encourages determination and solution-finding, deepening your spiritual connection to Mother Earth, nature, and the Universe. Feel invincible with this gorgeous gemstone.
    Lava, radiating strength, passion, and courage, aids in anger management and boosts energy levels. The lava beads are perfect for applying essential oils, enhancing the overall experience. Feel strong and confident while embracing the unique energies of this amazing gemstone bracelet.

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