Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Bracelet

Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Bracelet


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Elevate your chic style and embrace positivity with this exquisite handmade Tigers Eye gemstone bracelet from Alberta, Canada. Whether worn individually or as part of a set, this semi-precious gemstone accessory adds elegance and vibrant colour to your outfit, allowing you to express your unique style with no rules; only your distinct touch matters.
Tiger’s Eye, renowned for its protective qualities, has the ability to sharpen the mind, promoting mental clarity and assisting in making decisions devoid of emotional influence.This gemstone helps you recognize both your own needs and those of others, emitting a strong, self-confident vibration reminiscent of the iconic theme to Rocky (Eye of the Tiger). Feel empowered and stylish as you navigate your day with this meaningful and chic accessory.

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This gorgeous genuine, semi-precious gemstone bracelet is a stunning way to add a touch of elegance & colour to your outfit. Handmade in Alberta Canada, it has a unique meaning & healing property that may help promote balance & well-being. You can wear it singularly; or as part of a set…there are no rules because you’re in charge!

Whether you’re looking to elevate your chic style or add some positivity to your day, natural semi-precious gemstone bracelets are definitely the way to go.

Tigers Eye is a stone of protection.  It has the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity and helping us to make clear decisions without the influence of emotion. Tiger’s Eye helps you to recognize your own needs as well as those of others around you. You will feel like you hear the theme to Rocky (Eye of the Tiger), emitting a very strong self-confident vibration, without being overwhelming or overbearing.

*This stunning bracelet can be ordered with or without the 108 Charm.


XS – 6in – 15.2cm, S – 6 1/2in – 16.5cm, M – 7in – 17.8cm, L – 7 1/2in – 19cm, XL – 7 3/4in – 19.7cm


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Tiger’s Eye Gemstone Bracelet