Faceted Amethyst, Howlite & Peridot Bracelet Set

Faceted Amethyst, Howlite & Peridot Bracelet Set


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Such a classic set…all wrapped up in Love. The faceted cut Amethyst catches the light at the most unexpected times, drawing your attention constantly.

A genuine semi-precious gemstone bracelet set is a beautiful way to add elegance and style to any outfit. This set can be worn in several different combinations, meaning you can wear it whatever way you like and you can feel confident it always looks chic. (You could even add to the layered look by using bracelets from your own collection) Whether you’re looking to make a statement, add a subtle touch of sparkle to your look or add some positivity to your day, natural semi-precious gemstone bracelet sets are a must-have accessory for any jewelry collection.

Amethyst is one of the most spiritual stones as it enhances intuition, healing, spirituality and meditation. Amethyst carries a calming & serene energy that will help you relax. It soothes the body while reducing anxiety and restlessness. You will feel deeply peaceful when you keep this gorgeous purple gemstone close.

Howlite quietens an overactive mind and increases patience and understanding. It is great for those who suffer from sleeplessness due to stress and anxiety. When you use Howlite, you will feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders as calmness embraces you.

Peridot encourages a positive outlook.  It helps during transitions, especially during times of change and uncertainty. This luminous green gemstone encourages you to Live Your Best Life. You will feel brave & confident when utilizing this stone.


XS – 6in – 15.2cm, S – 6 1/2in – 16.5cm, M – 7in – 17.8cm, L – 7 1/2in – 19cm, XL – 7 3/4in – 19.7cm

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Faceted Amethyst, Howlite & Peridot Bracelet Set