Pisces Gemstone Bracelet (Feb 20 – Mar 20)

Pisces Gemstone Bracelet (Feb 20 – Mar 20)


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Elevate your Piscean essence with our curated Pisces Zodiac Gemstone Collection. Harness the power of Amethyst for intuition and stress relief, Aquamarine for empathy and communication, Bloodstone for grounding and confidence, Fluorite for creativity and mental clarity, and Moonstone for intuition and emotional balance. Incorporate these gemstones to align with your Piscean spirit, embracing calm, creativity, and emotional healing in your daily life.

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This Pisces Mala Bracelet covers all the bases.  It contains the most relevant healing gemstones for the discerning Piscean.  This gorgeous handmade genuine semi-precious gemstone bracelet features Amethyst, Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Fluorite and Moonstone.

As a water sign, Pisces is known for their emotional depth, intuition, and sensitivity. They are also highly imaginative and creative, making them natural artists and dreamers.

Semi-precious gemstones can be a powerful tool for Pisces to tap into their inner wisdom and enhance their natural talents.

Of all the gemstones, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Fluorite, and Moonstone are the most beneficial for Pisces.

  • Amethyst, a stunning purple crystal, is renowned for its calming and soothing properties. This gemstone is especially beneficial for Pisces, as it helps them to connect with their intuition and promotes spiritual awareness. It helps Pisces to connect with their intuition and enhances their spiritual awareness. This gemstone is also believed to relieve stress and promote peaceful sleep, which is especially important for Pisces who tend to be sensitive and easily overwhelmed.
  • Aquamarine is another excellent gemstone for Pisces. This pale blue crystal is linked with the element of water and is said to enhance Pisces’ natural empathy and compassion. It also helps them to communicate more clearly and express their emotions in a healthy way. Aquamarine is also believed to bring a sense of calm and clarity to the mind, helping Pisces to tune out distractions and focus on their goals.
  • Bloodstone is a powerful grounding crystal that can help Pisces to stay centred and balanced. It is said to enhance their physical endurance and boost their energy levels, making it easier for them to achieve their goals. Bloodstone is also believed to promote courage and self-confidence, which can be especially helpful for Pisces who may struggle with self-doubt.
  • Fluorite is a multicoloured crystal that is said to enhance Pisces’ natural creativity and imagination. It helps them to see things from different perspectives and can inspire new ideas and insights. Fluorite is also believed to promote mental clarity and focus, making it easier for Pisces to stay on task and achieve their goals.
  • Moonstone, a stunning semi-precious gemstone with a milky white appearance, is commonly associated with the moon and the tides. This gemstone is believed to amplify the natural intuition and psychic abilities of Pisces, enabling them to connect with their inner wisdom with greater ease. Moonstone is also believed to promote emotional healing and balance, making it an excellent tool for Pisces who may struggle with mood swings or emotional instability.

In conclusion, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Fluorite, and Moonstone are all excellent gemstones for Pisces to incorporate into their daily lives.

*If you’d like to learn more about this fascinating Zodiac, check out my blog Pisces – Everything You Need to Know About This Zodiac!


XS – 6in – 15.2cm, S – 6 1/2in – 16.5cm, M – 7in – 17.8cm, L – 7 1/2in – 19cm, XL – 7 3/4in – 19.7cm


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Pisces Gemstone Bracelet (Feb 20 – Mar 20)