Seed of Life Crystal Grid Board

Seed of Life Crystal Grid Board


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Seed of Life Crystal Grid Board: Unleash the power of intention with our locally-crafted Seed of Life Crystal Grid Board. Made with care in Hinton, Alberta from lustrous maple veneered MDF, this board is not just an object, but a sacred tool for personal growth and universal connection. Perfect for amplifying intentions of Healing, Protection, Meditation, and Mindfulness, our boards are pre-cleansed and ready to use, bringing a touch of local craftsmanship and spiritual support right to your doorstep.

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Find Your Center with the Seed of Life Crystal Grid Board

Embark on a spiritual journey with our Seed of Life Crystal Grid Board, lovingly handcrafted right here in Hinton, Alberta. Created from exquisite maple-veneered MDF, each board is a testament to beauty and intention, designed for those who desire a deeper connection with the Universal energies that dance around us.

Imagine a tool that resonates with your innermost intentions for Healing, Protection, Meditation, and Mindfulness and amplifies them. 

Our Seed of Life grid board is precisely that—an ally in your quest for harmony and balance.

But here’s what truly sets us apart: before any board reaches your hands, it undergoes a unique and thorough cleansing process, ensuring it arrives to you clear of any energies but brimming with potential. Rest assured, these are not mass-produced, impersonal imports; every board is a slice of local craftsmanship, infused with care and positive intention.

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* This Crystal Grid Board does not include any crystals or the Selenite recharging wand.

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Seed of Life Crystal Grid Board