Handmade Prosperity & Abundance Spell Jar

Handmade Prosperity & Abundance Spell Jar


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Introducing the exclusive One Zero Eight “Prosperity & Abundance” Spell Jar – a catalyst for prosperity and positive energies! Meticulously crafted, it blends cinnamon, clove, chamomile, citrine, aventurine, and clear quartz. This spell jar attracts prosperity, enhances positive energy, opens opportunities, and supports manifesting goals. Crafted with precision and using premium ingredients, my Abundance Spell Jar is a personalized talisman tailored to usher in positive energies and prosperity. Order your Prosperity & Abundance Spell Jar today and invite success into your life, watching as prosperity manifests before you.

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Prosperity & Abundance Spell Jar

Introducing my extraordinary “Prosperity & Abundance” Spell Jar—a powerful catalyst for attracting prosperity and positive energies into your life!

Crafted with intention and care, this Abundance Spell Jar is designed to harness the natural properties of carefully selected ingredients, bringing forth an abundance of positive energy and prosperity.

Key Ingredients

Basil: Basil is associated with prosperity and abundance, adding an extra boost to attract wealth and success.

Cinnamon Stick: A symbol of wealth and success, cinnamon promotes abundance while infusing the spell jar with warm and inviting energy.

Clove: Known for its association with financial gain, clove enhances the spell jar’s ability to attract prosperity and abundance.

Chamomile: With its calming properties, chamomile helps create a harmonious atmosphere, allowing abundance to flow effortlessly into your life.

Sugar: Sugar is often used in spellwork to sweeten situations and attract abundance and prosperity.

Citrine: The stone of abundance and manifestation, Citrine amplifies positive energy and attracts prosperity on a spiritual and material level.

Aventurine: Known as the stone of opportunity, Aventurine enhances luck and invites abundance into various aspects of life.

Clear Quartz: A master healer, Clear Quartz magnifies intentions, ensuring a potent and harmonious blend of energies. • Basil: Basil is associated with prosperity and abundance, adding an extra boost to attract wealth and success.

How the Abundance Spell Jar Can Help You

  1. Attract Prosperity: The combination of cinnamon, clove, and Citrine creates a magnetic force for attracting financial prosperity and success.
  2. Enhance Positive Energy: Chamomile, Aventurine, and other ingredients contribute to a positive and balanced energy flow, promoting an environment conducive to abundance.
  3. Open Opportunities: Aventurine helps open doors to new possibilities and pathways to success, enhancing luck and opportunity.
  4. Manifest Goals: Citrine supports you in manifesting your goals and aspirations, fostering a mindset of abundance and success.

Why Choose a One Zero Eight Abundance Spell Jar

• Crafted with Precision: Meticulously crafted with a focus on positive energy and intention, ensuring an authentic and potent product.

• Premium Ingredients: High-quality ingredients sourced with care to deliver a spell jar that radiates abundance and positivity.

• Personalized Prosperity: Tailored to usher in prosperity and positive energies, aligning with your unique intentions.

*This spell bottle also includes a secret positive “Prosperity & Abundance” affirmation (tucked safely inside the bottle) and a charging incantation you can use whenever you feel your bottle needs recharging.

**Although some ingredients may come from overseas, rest assured that the final spell jar is crafted locally (Hinton, Alberta) and is never imported. We prioritize quality and authenticity, handcrafting each jar with care using organic ingredients sourced responsibly from around the globe.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of abundance and prosperity? Order your Prosperity & Abundance Spell Jar today and invite the flow of positive energy and success into your life. Embrace the power of abundance and watch as new opportunities and prosperity manifest before you.


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Handmade Prosperity & Abundance Spell Jar