Thoghtful Birthday Gift

  • Alabaster, Apatite & Aquamarine Bracelet Set

    XS - 6in - 15.2cm
    S - 6 1/2in - 16.5cm
    M - 7in - 17.8cm
    L - 7 1/2in - 19cm
    XL - 7 3/4in - 19.7cm
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    Elevate your style effortlessly with our genuine semi-precious gemstone bracelet set—a versatile and chic addition to any outfit. Wear it in various combinations or layer it with bracelets from your collection, ensuring a confident and chic look. Whether you aim to make a statement, add a subtle touch of sparkle, or infuse positivity into your day, this set is a must-have for any jewelry collection.
    With its summer sky-blue hue, Aquamarine clears the mind, aids creativity, and balances emotions, enhancing courage during crucial moments. Alabaster, symbolizing purity, fosters forgiveness, stimulates meditation, and provides mental clarity, creating a sense of calm acceptance. With its luminous teal colour, Apatite clears confusion, cleanses the aura, and boosts motivation, unlocking your creative freedom and inspiring you to achieve your wildest dreams. Embrace elegance and positivity with this radiant gemstone bracelet set.

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