Trinity Knot Charms

  • 10mm Lapis Lazuli with Trinity Knot Bracelet

    M - 7in - 17.8cm
    L - 7 1/2in - 19cm
    XL - 7 3/4in - 19.7cm
    XXL - 8in -20.3cm
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    Indulge in the natural beauty of genuine semi-precious gemstones paired with Trinity Knot charms in this exquisite bracelet, a sophisticated accessory for any wrist. With simple yet elegant styling, it effortlessly complements any outfit while infusing positivity into your day. 

    This bracelet is meticulously crafted and is a testament to attention to detail, ensuring it impresses and makes a statement.

    Although slightly more masculine, these genuine gemstone mala bracelets are inherently unisex in design. 

    The Trinity Knot holds rich symbolism, representing (Earth, Sea & Sky), (Mind, Body & Spirit) or (Past, Present & Future).

    Lapis Lazuli is known as the stone of wisdom and truth. It helps you to think critically and problem solve with a calm mind. Lapis removes the dreaded mental fog you may be experiencing and helps you to stop thinking and talking about yourself in a negative way. It also encourages you to take well-educated risks. You will feel less judgemental and more accepting when using this gemstone because it motivates you to rebuff a negative thought & turn it into a positive one.

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